The Saint Anthony Dinner Theater welcomes you to a night full of entertainment, laughter, and Christmas joy.  So sit back and join us
on a journey of spiritual fulfillment, as the true meaning of Christmas is rediscovered by all.

     The Saint Anthony Dinner Theater is a live theatre performance presented by local volunteers from the Saint Anthony and surrounding
parishes.  You will marvel at how they have transformed an old 1940s schoolhouse into a winter wonderland as you are ushered to your
table.  Enjoy the finest in home style cooking as you are serenaded by live musical performers.  Then prepare yourself for an unforgettable
                                                                                                    Christmas comedy featuring side-splitting humor, heartwarming 
                                                                                                    insight, and characters who remind us a little too much of those   
                                                                                                    we know
                                                                                                         Proceeds from ticket sales and additional donations are used
                                                                                                    to support local families and organizations in need, parish facilities,
                                                                                                    and youth ministry activities.